About the Project

Cliffjump! is a creative Manifesto. The purpose of the project is to present a model of creativity that has been particularly fruitful and rewarding for me, by exploring this question: How is creativity like jumping off a cliff?

Cliffjump! exists in a number of formats – this website, an ebook in various formats, a possible eventual print version, and so on. It is also an attempt to do things a bit differently: rather than just releasing this as a PDF or other ebook format right off the bat, I’m releasing it here first, serially. For free.

The main reason for this is that I’ve decided I’d really like to make something more inclusive and community-driven than a simple me-to-you document. I don’t feel like I have any ‘ownership’ of these ideas, I’ve just gathered them over a lifetime of creative work, and collected and presented them in a certain way.

And it strikes me that this will be more interesting as a conversation than a lecture. So Cliffjump! is my way of trying to start a conversation. I want to plant some seeds, and hopefully help them grow into a beautiful garden.

To this end, my hope is that you’ll take some of the basic ideas presented here, think about them a little, and hopefully contribute to their further development in the Discussion sections at the bottom of each chapter.

Eventually I’d like to channel this discussion into a semi-crowd-sourced ‘expanded version’ of the book that offers more perspective and insight than I am capable of bringing to it on my own. I think these core ideas are important, but I think it’s more important to explore them with other creative people than to muse on them endlessly myself.

I hope you’ll agree, and bring your voice and experience to the mix. I’d love to take this process further if it works out, and I have some ideas cooking as to how to make that happen, so don’t hold back! I look forward to hearing from you!

Until then, enjoy the chapters as they appear and please, if you do, share them around so we can build something better together – the more the merrier, I say!

- tobias



Cliffjump! is dedicated to my parents, David and Sheila Tinker, and the rest of my extraordinary family – who have taught me so many of the things that I believe make up a truly creative life: curiosity, patience, humility, joy, love of beauty and of nature, rigor, generosity, courage, solitude, connection, openness, tolerance, gratitude, optimism, and hope…