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Hello and welcome! The Cliffjump! Manifesto distills much of what I’ve learned over a lifetime of creative work and play, into a plan for a healthier, more joyful approach to creativity. As with any such document, it is necessarily a simplification and a reduction of a very complex subject, but it’s one that feels important for me to share and I hope it strikes a chord with you!

The Cliffjump! Manifesto is intended for anyone who feels, as I do, that there should be both more and less to creative work: more joy, more discovery, more fulfillment and satisfaction; and less pain, angst, doubt and self-torment. It identifies some of the roots of the negative habits we tend to form, over time, that infect our creative lives and make them less than they could be, or more painful… and it aims to replace them with a healthier structure.

I’m currently launching the book in stages, so please bookmark (or subscribe) and come back soon as the content will be released serially over the next couple of weeks. Just to be clear: the book, at least in this initial ‘manifestation’, is finished; I’m just releasing it serially.

The Cliffjump! Manifesto is, in this first incarnation at least, a rather personal document; you can help me change that by leaving your comments where discussion sections are available. My goal is to work towards an expanded version of the book inspired and informed by these conversations…

Below is a rough outline of the book, how it’s designed to be experienced, and what’s already ‘live’ and what’s coming. The Table of Contents on the left will also help with orientation… but I thought it would be useful to boil it down here, with a bit of explanation…

So here’s what to do:

  • Start with the Prologue, which outlines the goals of the project and what you can expect from the rest of the book, so you can decide if it’s something you want to continue with or not. Continue with the Introduction, which picks up where the Prologue leaves off, in a somewhat more philosophical vein.
  • Groundwork‘ establishes my definition of creativity, and other related presuppositions, and gives a bit of an introduction to my background and why I decided to tackle this not-exactly-unexplored subject.
  • Then, if you want, you can take a brief detour to find out What’s a Manifesto, anyway? and why Everyone loves an Acronym… these sections further clarify the purpose and structure of the Manifesto
  • Finally, it’s time to get into the core material, the chapters themselves… These are in the sidebar at left; during the release phase, they will be ‘revealed’ and linked to once they’re online… at launch there will be two: Control and Clear
  • Eventually there will be some Final Thoughts to wrap things up and lay out a course for where the good ship Cliffjump will be sailing off to next… 

Stay tuned for more, or better yet subscribe!

more soon…
- tobias

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